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Rise Stronger Succulent
Conference & Workshop Testimonials

"I thought it was Wonderful and refreshing!  I am still learning to navigate the purpose God has for me, and this was a wonderful stepping stone in figuring it out."

-- Allyssa --

"Thank you for being faithful to God's call to put on this event.  You have no idea how perfectly timed this was for me in my life.  I had conversations weeks prior about all of the very things that this event was about.  This was no coincidence, and I thank God for the work that was done today.  You ladies are wonderful!"

-- Peggy --

"EXCELLENT!  Very uplifting and powerful.  I have to confess: My 'negative' wanted to suggest omitting the discussion sheet and small group. BUT... after it was done, it was one of my favorite parts."

-- Suzi --

"The whole day was truly amazing! The three speakers brought very different styles and perspectives, which I feel related to everyone in different ways."

-- Janet --

"I hate to say this, but I wasn't expecting this to be as awesome as it was today.  The speakers were all so so good.  I LOVE that you backed everything with scripture.  I was affirmed and have so much to take with me to grow." 

-- Rhonda --

"Excellent... and a unique variety of speakers!  Outstanding Worship Team.  Well chosen biblical topics. Do another one next year!"

-- Sylvia --

"You nailed it!  I have so missed the Women of Faith events, and this replaced what has been missing for so many years. Do it again...Yes! Yes! Yes!"

-- Mary --

"Thank you for this event!  Despite how 'connected' our world is, we often feel more disconnected than ever.  Satan doesn't want women o faith gathering in God's name, and that just means that we need to be gathering more than ever!  Loved the speakers.  Very inspiring!

-- Denise --

"This conference was amazing!  You all spoke from your hearts and were so encouraging and sincere.  I appreciate all you do, so much.  Thank you!!

-- Jennifer --

"What an awesome time!  Coming together with so many like-minded women was a blessing to ALL.  Thank you for everything and the attention to all the little details.  Stephanie... you are a force that inspires all."

-- Alicia --

"Love! Love! Love!  Challenged me.  I have been in a dark place for the last 12-15 months.  This has reinforced what I know, but have not been able to grasp or claim.  I have not lost faith, but am definitely 'in the desert'.  This was inspiring, encouraging and hopeful.  I want my light to shine again... Bright." 

-- Tracey --

"This was truly amazing!  You all had wonderful messages and I loved the music.  This has inspired me to put my faith in action even more in my life."

-- Beth --

Rise Stronger Succulent
Rise Stronger Succulent
Rise Stronger Succulent
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